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Virgin Shea Butter TM 

Our shea butter is 100% organic, pure and natural as intended by mother nature.  It is the best that you will find. It is naturally extracted from wild crafted shea nuts, hand picked in West Africa. This butter then undergoes natural steam cleaning to remove impurities.  It is the ideal treatment for dry and aging skin. In it's pure form, shea butter has softening, anti-drying, restructuring and protective effects against the sun's UV rays due to it's high content in cinnamic acid, unsaponifiables, vitamins and other elements. Shea butter can be used as a moisturizer, a leave in hair conditioner and to help prevent stretch marks. To use, warm a nickel sized amount in the palm of your hand and smooth onto rough feet, hands, elbows, knees and any dry patch. *For skin conditions associated with eczema, apply directly on affected area. (Although this is not intended as medical advise, it has worked for me, my daughter and many of our customers who suffer from eczema. If your condition should worsen, see your medical practitioner.)  Excellent For Very Dry Skin Click here for 20 beneficial reasons to use our Shea Butter.

Ingredients: 100% pure virgin shea butter .

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